Steel Metal Form Stakes for DIY Hoophouse

Steel metal form stakes, unlike rebar, are designed to be driven into the ground and hold steady and true.

metal form stakes

Rebar is NOT meant to be pounded into the ground with a sledge hammer.

Rebar (short for reinforcing bar) is a steel bar used as a tension device in reinforced concrete and reinforced masonry structures to strengthen and hold the concrete in tension.

These solid steel Form Stakes, on the other hand, are exactly meant to be driven into the dirt with a sledgehammer while holding steady and true.

  • 3/4″ Solid steel will not bend or twist
  • Pointed tip for easy driving
  • Pre-drilled holes for securing to structure

  • 4 foot length
    • Bundle of 10 – $55.00
  • 3 foot length
    • Bundle of 10 – $42.00
    • These are both a special order product…call ahead at least 24 hours for delivery.