NSF Bung-Top Poly Barrels

$45 /ea

Resale Lumber has the best prices on Food Safe plastic barrels in Humboldt County and the best selection of Food Grade NSF Poly Barrels on the entire North Coast.

Each of these food grade bung-top barrels has a pair of approximately 2 1/4″ openings on top with screw in plugs that seal tight.

  • 55 gallon – $45.00

    • 23″ in diameter and approximately 35″ high

  • 50 gallon – $45.00

    • 24″ in diameter and just under 36″ high

  • 30 and 35 gallon – $35.00 -out of stock-

    • 19.5″ in diameter and just under 30″ high

Resale Lumber also has many other types and sizes of food grade plastic and metal barrels with a variety of lids, just give us a call to find out what we have in stock