• $7.50/bag

    • 1 ton (50 bags)   $350.00 per ton ($7.00/bag)

100% American Made

Golden Fire Wood Pellets are made in Bear Mountain Forest Products‘ state-of-the-art plant in Brownsville, Oregon from renewable forest resources. Bear Mountain Forest Products produce 100% of Golden Fire Wood Fuel Pellets right here in the United States.

100% Douglas Fir

These Golden Fire Wood Pellets are made from 100% Douglas Fir, for the hottest burn (8500+ BTUs) and cleanest (less than .25% ash) pellet heat possible and helps keep your glass door clean for longer.

Bear Mountain Forest Products takes their time to dry their pellets like no one else, which means these America’s Best pellets have the lowest moisture rating in the industry. The industry standard for moisture content in premium rated pellets is less than 8%, Golden Fire is rated at less than 2.5%! This means more fuel in every bag, and you use less of that fuel to burn away excess moisture and instead use the fuel you purchased to heat your home.

America’s Best Choice

Golden Fire wood pellets contain no binding additives keeping you and the air you breathe free of harmful chemicals. You can even recycle the plastic bag they come in or use it to line your 5-gallon trash container, it fits perfectly!

When you choose Golden Fire Premium Wood Fuel Pellets you heat with the hottest burning, lowest-moisture content and cleanest wood pellets available, making them the highest value and best burning pellets in the industry.


* Be sure the BTU rating you see is the “As Received” rating, which is the actual BTU rating of the wood product in the bag. A “Dry Basis” BTU rating is a fictitious number that would be achieved if that product had ALL the moisture extracted. Never purchase a compressed wood product based on its “Dry Basis” BTU value, because this is not reflective of the heat value of the product in that bag. In addition, some compressed wood companies will post a BTU rating that was a one-time low, but it may not be the current and correct BTU rating for the product that is their bags today.