2500 gal Water Tank by Quadel Industries

Resale Lumber Products is a leading Northern California retailer of Quadel Titan 2500 gallon NSF (Food Grade) water tanks.  These high quality water tanks come with a 3 year manufacturer’s warranty against manufacturer defects.

Quadel Industries has been rotomolding quality water tanks and parts since 1984.  By incorporating a corrugated design into their new Titan water Tanks, these water tanks are among the strongest water tanks available.

Rotomolded from materials that are FDA approved, Quadel Industries Titan water tanks are safe for all potable water needs.  The black color cuts down on the possibility of algae growth inside of their tanks.

  • 100″ W x 87″ H

  • 2″ inlet – 2″ Outlet

  • Corrugated design for structural integrity

  • FDA approved polyethylene water tank

  • Light weight design for easy transport

  • UV stabilized

  • Corrosion proof

  • Tie down slots

  • Three year warranty

We have other tanks by Quadel Industries from 175 gallons up to 2,500 gallons.

Resale lumber also carries Utility and Food Grade (N.S.F.) poly pipe

Utility and food grade NSF poly pipe

Need tie down straps? We have them too!